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Homeownership in Texas has never been more affordable than right now. With a "Sellers' Market" (an abundant supply of homes for sale) combined with the mortgage rates at all-time, historic low levels (Mortgage rates are at an all-time, historic low), buyers are in the best position to achieve their dream of homeownership now, more than ever before.

Purchasing a home is easy with your selection of one of the five different loan programs + we will custom tailor your loan to fit your needs. 

The basic home purchase loan programs are:

FHA Mortgage Loans - These loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration under the jurisdiction of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD). FHA loans for home fixer- uppers are available: the repair funds are part of the loan.

VA Mortgage Loans - Designed for people who served the military and their eligible spouses. A 100% (no down payment) loan program for eligible servicemen and women.

Conventional Loans - Mortgage loans that conform to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac underwriting guideline...usually the most advantageous for most people.

Nonqualified Mortgage or Non-QMs -
These are mortgage loans that do not conform to the conventional loan guidelines. A totally different set of guidelines and eligibility requirement applies to Non-QM loans. These typically have a higher interest rate.

USDA Mortgage Loans - 100% financing offered to rural property owners or borrowers looking to buy a home in a rural setting or small towns. It is the most stringent of all the loan programs available due to their 100% financing. (No down payment)

The above-mentioned mortgages are available for Texas home purchases. Each has its own eligibility requirements. Although similar they are different from each other. With Bob's guidance, you can own your home quickly and enjoy many resulting advantages. Why not contact us now?

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